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Rennes is the capital of Brittany and has one of the largest student populations in France. No wonder there are so many bars and lots of outside night life! Weather is mild. The old half timbered buildings are beautiful and have been lovingly restored. We looked at portent rentals and many are in these old buildings. Life in Rennes is not expensive.

Most of the city has been rebuilt after WW II and fashioned on a grid. So it is easy to find your way. There are canals but not nicely landscaped, maybe this will come later. The Old city is a maze but that is were the night life is, they have a beautiful opera house across from Hotel de Ville which is a grand building. Sunday & Monday not many place are open so check before you go.

I found two very nice hotels within easy walking distance of everything. The Balthazar also has a well know gourmet restaurant. We found a small local bar that serves small glasses of rosé for 1.50 euros a glass, a nice refreshing drink. Happened upon a small restaurant near the tourist office that had a 13 euro lunch menu that was fabulous, named Le Royal, would return to it in a minute.

TGV train is only 1:55 mins, fast and easy, driving would take longer. Rennes is only one hour from St Malo and 1 1/2 hours from Vannes. This part of Brittany is very beautiful green and friendly. Rennes is a friendly city everyone talks to you, young and old.

Food is wonderful and not expensive, tapas bars are everywhere, saussions and cheese are especially good. Will save the names of the good restaurants for your trip. Of course crepes are famous and everywhere, the local taste speciality is a crepe folded in half smothered with cooked onions and mustard and a cooked sausage rolled in the middle and eaten like a hot dog on a stick, delicious and messy, it is street food and cheap.

ENJOY Rennes, a charming, clean young town.

Raenette DeCicco

4 Seasons Travel Inc

San Juan PR 00907

tel 787-722-0660

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