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Jules Verne Paris has reopened

Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower is one of the best know Paris fine dining restaurants 

It recently reopened with a new Chef.   Frederic Anton.  The menu features sea food.  Each dish is beautifully presented and the tastes are fantastic. The staff is very helpful with descriptions.  Presentation is WHOW and everyone smiles when you say it.  The restaurant is not stuffy, but I suggest you dress for the occasion. The view is magnificent., day or night. I prefer day time because you can see Paris from everywhere and the best thing is all tables have a view. Reservation are required and you enter from a private elevator up the side of the Eiffel Tower.  It is a thrill to step into the restaurant and your table is waiting for you. Right now there is a price fixed lunch for 105 euros (drinks are additional). Wines are 100 euros and up. The wine sommelier explains and asks you questions about your likes and his suggestions are excellent and not the most expensive.  It was a pleasure to deal with him.

Jules Verne is a VERY special place in Paris and everyone should experience it.  Make reservations well in advance, It is not very big.

Yes, 4Seasons Travel, Inc. can help you reserve! just let us know.

Raenette De Cicco CTC 4 Seasons Travel Inc.


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