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Why Lyon? It is vibrant and fun!

Lot's of history and located on two of the famous rivers in France. Also know for Paul Bocuse and the famous bouchons. It was the silk capital of Europe and still makes beautiful silks. Yes, they are expensive but so beautiful!

Lyon is a walking city. Most of the streets in the old city are cobblestones and slanted; difficult walking, but so charming. I suggest a walking tour that takes you thru some of the traboules. These were the back alleys and covered streets that they used to transport the silk in, so it did not get wet. They are unmarked so you have to have someone show you where they are. A boat ride on the rivers are a great way to see the city from a different vista and a must is trying a few of the bouchons.  They are mostly small restaurant that serve very traditional food (Most of it is pork). One of the best are quenelles, this is fish and so light and fluffy with great sauce. 

Having been to so many of them I do have my favorite. A hotel recommendation would be the Intercontinental Hotel Dieu Lyon, it's a magnificent new hotel along the river. Lyon is only a two hour train from Paris and it's a city to visit with a lot's of history.

Put it on your TO DO list!

Raenette De Cicco CTC 4 Seasons Travel Inc.


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