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There is NO BAD PASTA in Italy

There is NO BAD PASTA in Italy and ROMA has it all.

Much more aperitifs in Roma, is a daily thing, everyone has a favorite BUT the one consistent thing is that the servers will always offer you a taste of the wine you have chose before serving, so you can say NO and ask for another.

The amount of tapas that they serve is incredible ..each place has their specialities, but there is always a snack with a glass of wine. Italians have polished the wine and tapas experience better than the Spanish.

Here are a few tips


  • La Zanzara: The most fabulous and FULL of locals, busy, noisy and great.

  • Cul de Sac: Near the Pantheon, was so much fun. It's long and thin, but the waiters suggested and had you taste wines. You did not have to have food if you did not want, but there were always snacks served with the wines.

  • Antica Enoteca: Below the Spanish steps. Been there forever and a must stop for all locals. It's crowded and busy cause everyone stops for a drink on their way home, so if you avoid those hours the bar won't be that busy.

Coffee bars in Italy: go to the counter pay for your coffee and go the the bar to be served with your receipt. Expresso is the normal, but VERY strong. Macchiato is expresso with a little drop of steamed milk. Whatever it is, it is always standing up, they drink and run. It is fun and a REAL morning jolt

Tip: Never order cappuccino after noon…you will be know as a tourist!

Eden Hotel

Some great restaurant:

One of the most famous is GIGGETTO in the Jewish quarter, famous for fried artichokes, stuffed zucchini flowers and fabulous pasta. Crowded, noisy, fun and good. Mama is at the cash register, she knows every dish that comes out. Service is good and waiters very friendly. There is always a line but it moves quickly.

NINO below the Spanish Steps. Since 1934 and it still good and with traditional decor. Great food, but it has gotten a little pricey. Service is fast, I suggest reservations if you know when you will go, but I have never had problems waiting a few minutes.

One of the best restaurants in Roma is the Top of the Eden Hotel. It has the view, food, service, and ambiance. The BEST of the best!

I have many others hat I can share…ask me!

Raenette De Cicco CTC

4 Seasons Travel Inc.

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