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Spring Time in Paris

Paris in the spring is magic, It is the city of light and of love.  

Spring sees it all happen, longer days, starry nights, blue skies and white clouds. The trees are blooming and so are the flowers.  The senses are in high gear. Walk all the Seine, thru the magnificent gardens bursting with blooms, watch couples meet and kiss.  Yes Spring is IN THE AIR!

The museums have new exhibitions and the trendy art galleries in Paris have new exhbits, plus the stores have sales.  Sidewalk cafés are bursting with people with their faces up to the sun.  Vitamin D fix… If you have a choice of going to the countryside in the spring, DO IT, It is so beautiful and magical, everything is blooming so enjoy it. The marchés are FULL of fruits, asparagus, tomatoes, flowers, melons and all types of spice plants for MY terrace garden.  Spring in Paris is MAGIC!

Hotel rates are not high so you should take advantage  of them. Metro is the best way to get around and directions are easy. Make sure you buy a carnet (which is 10 metro tickets) it is cheaper and you can share them.  

Buses are a great way to see the city, a little more complicated than the metro but the driver will tell you your stop, they are very helpful. Drivers usually do not speak much English but they will understand the place you want.  Speak slowly, very important and alway say hello, thank you and goodbye. The French are VERY polite and DO not cut in line and DO not push. A SMILE AND A MERCI will go along way.

Enjoy Spring in Paris!

Raenette De Cicco CTC 4 Seasons Travel Inc.


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