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Malaga. Andalucia's beautiful Costa del Sol

Malaga is now the hub of Costa del Sol.   Many cruise ships are stopping at the new port, you will be surprise how clean and beautiful the port is.

Many shops and cafes, wide sidewalks, lots of trees and plants, very clean and tourist friendly, wide flat sidewalks, clean and safe. Everything has changed for the better! The city is not very big so it is easy to walk everywhere. Lots of trees and plants and most of them identified. I suggest a walking tour of the old city on the day of arrival.  It will acquaint you with the small street in the old town.

Everyone is very helpful with directions and almost everyone speaks English. The MOST beautiful hotel is Gran Hotel Miramar, located on the beach near the bull ring.  It was built in 1914 and has many Moorish features plus rooftop vistas. The restoration was just completed two years ago so everything is new.  They did keep some of the beautiful old furniture, bathrooms are big and have great lighting and the beds are SO comfortable. Wifi is everywhere, wine bars and cafes too.  You can always taste a wine before you have your glass poured, if you do not like it just say NO, they will suggest another one.  The servers know the wines of the area and they want you to try them.  You will never get them at home, so have an open mind!

My favorite wine bar had 14 seats and three young men working there. FULL all the time, the waiters spoke perfect English. Another beautiful spot had a view over the park and busy crossroads, again, suggested tastings and always snacks. There are so many tapas bar/restaurants in the old city, no one is in them until 2pm and then you can not get in. The people move quickly so there is never a long wait. There are some VERY tourist ones, but stay out, go to the local ones.

Picasso was born and lived the first ten years of his life in Malaga. They are very proud of this.  A MUST see is his museum.  It was his home and has been very well restored as a gallery. There is a free audio for the whole museum. A must see is the interior of the Cathedral, also has a free audio guide. The history and the architecture is incredible. There is so much to learn and with sunshine almost all the time the city is wonderful.  There are also ferries that go to Tangiersso enjoy the Costa del Sol.  

It is grand!

Raenette De Cicco CTC 4 Seasons Travel Inc.


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