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The BEST new Paris bistro

It is HUGO & CO 48 Rue Monge in the 5th.

Chef Tomy Gousset has opened his second innovated restaurant. Tomy was well know as the Chef at Pirouette in Les Halles. He decided to open his own restaurant. Tomy & Co, which was an instant success and now has opened his second one which is great. Hugo & Co is a little more casual than Tomy & Co. Space is small, chairs are high and tables are small. The walls are lined with wooden boxes that are filled with fun things. His wines are posted on the wall above the bar.

Hugo & Co encourages sharing plates and share we did. Each plates is beautifully presented and definitely enough for two to share. Wines are a little on the pricey side but some are reasonable. Dishes are not expensive and the tastes are fabulous. Waiters are very knowledgable and quick to answer all questions because some of the things you would not know. Service is excellent

Yes, Life is Food and Chef Tomy has confirmed it. Reservations are necessary. The restaurant is small. It has a few tables outside and I assume in the winter you will be served at the bar which is in front of the open kitchen. Everyone speaks to you from the kitchen so smiles and approvals are welcome.

Welcome to Paris’s new HUGO & CO.

Life is food!

Raenette DeCicco

4 Seasons Travel Inc

San Juan PR 00907

tel 787-722-0660

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