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Driving in Europe

If your vacation plans call for renting and driving in Europe or South America be sure to check regulations first. Europe has changed many of the requirements., some countries are requiring an International drivers license in addition to your state drivers license. If you do not have one the fine can be up to 1000 euros.

Also check your own insurance policy to see if you are covered in the countries you will be renting in as well as your credit card coverage. Check the insurance coverage that is an additional charge from the car rental company that you use, not all coverage is the same. Use a reputable car rental company, do NOT rent a wreck, its very important to be save when you are away from home and specially in vacation! Also check the charges for an additional driver, very often they are extremely high.

Rent a car with an enclosed trunk, this is sometimes more expensive but worth the security of not

having your car broken into. Park in well lit places or in garages. The extra charge is worth the peace of mind. Obey speed limits because you will be fined. Buy a good map, yes GPS are so great but you might miss a lot. European drivers are courteous but they drive fast so be very aware of round a bouts and local laws. Most of all be careful and check the laws in each country you will be traveling in. Enjoy your holiday!!

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