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A few hints to make travel easier in Summer.

We are pretty sure that you've all heard from your travel agents or airlines that you must arrive with a minimum time prior to ​your flight, well, you better follow instruction because airports are FULL for this time of the year! we strongly suggest that you allow extra time before your flight departs, you never know how long the lines could get! I thought I could give all of you some hints that should always be in your mind before traveling in Summer since it get so hectic.

Here's a list with the top hints:

  • Read up on your destinations so you know the requirements

  • Check your passport expiration, it MUST have more than 6 month validity from the date you return.

  • Your required to have 2 blank pages in your passport just in case you need stamps or visas.

  • Make 4 copes of your passport. Leave 1 with a good friend, 1 at the office, 1 in your other luggage and 1 with your traveling companion.

If you need visas, secure them BEFORE you leave home. Also check to see if you need shots.

  • Check your medical insurance.

  • Always purchase trip cancellation insurance

  • Tell you bank when and where you will be traveling so you can use your ATM card and credit cards

  • Get a letter from your doctor for the medication you are using.

  • If you are traveling alone with a child. you must have authorization from the other parent to take the child. Some countries are VERY sticky about this.

  • Tell your post office to hold your mail.

  • Take telephone n umber & locations of US Embassy with a translation in the local language

  • Travel with contact names & telephones with copies in all of you suitcases and documents.

  • If you are in a third world country register with the US Embassy, security is VERY high in the summer.

And the most important thing of all is to respect the laws and the countries. Remember YOU ARE A GUEST, make America proud!

Have fun and travel lots!

Raenette De Cicco

4 Seasons Travel Inc.


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