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NO, the painting in NOT in Paris, BUT the exhibit at the Picasso Museum is fabulous.

It will be there until July 29 2018. It is the drawings and studies that he did to paint the painting, which was painted in 1937. It is to fragile to move from Spain, BUT the studies are magnificent as well as the descriptions in French, English & Spanish.

GUERNICA was bombed by the German Nazi’s and the Italian Fascists in April 26, 1937, 60 planes bombed it! Picasso was obsessed by it, his emotions are very strong.

This exhibit is very well done, make sure you go to the top floor of the museum to see Picasso personal collection including some magnificent Renoir’s Degas Matisse & Cezanne paintings. The restoration of the museum is VERY grand, I can say: a job well done.

Don't forget to put this exhibit on your Must Do List.


Raenette DeCicco

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