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La Sainte Chappelle

La Sainte Chappelle, the Royal Chapel.

La Sainte Chappelle

This magnificent Gothic style chapel was consecrated in 1249. The beginning date is not know and neither is the first architect.

The Chapel is a must see of Paris, it's open daily from 9 till 5 and tickets are 10 euros per person. There is a 45 minute guided tour that explains some of the windows (extra charge)

also there are concerts 3 nights a week. Must buy tickets on line. It is a thrill to see dusk fall on the magnificent 1113 stained glass windows. The size of the windows is breath taking and they are stories of the old & new testaments.

Make sure this is on your Paris TO DO List…Enjoy!

Raenette DeCicco

4 Seasons Travel Inc

San Juan PR 00907

tel 787-722-0660

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