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Lisbon, The city of sunshine and smiling faces.

Lisbon is friendly and welcoming, the locals love to help tourists. Do not be afraid to ask for help or recommendations!

Prices are very reasonable, wines are great and cheap, also taxis are cheap! The HOP ON - HOP OFF bus is only 19 Euros for 48 hours., for me, the best way to explore the city. The airport is very close to city center so you can take a taxi without a problem.

The BEST hotels are the RITZ & the Intercontinental, beautiful views. They are iconic properties with excellent service.

The old city is a walking city. Take the Santa, just a Elevator to the top of the city and It was built by Eiffel Tower school student. The tram is also fun to do, everyone will tell you how to do it..

Food? lots of fish! great tapas bars! and the best part, food is NOT expensive. Don't forget to always ask for the daily special and to drink local wine because is VERY good. My Favorite… BAIRRO DO AVILLEZ Taberna, he is a great chef. I think now he has 5 places in Lisboa, ask the waiters what is the daily special, great service and great food. Very casual but you need reservations! don't forget!

GREAT FIND WAS GRAPES & BITES, it is a wine bar in Bairro Alto hard to find but worth it. The young waiters know all they wine and suggest foods to go with them. NONE of the wines are exported to the US, so do NOT WORRY! you have never heard of them. It is a fun bar and lots of locals stop in, you meet people, do NOT be afraid to talk to strangers, t is fun!

The only precaution would be that the sidewalks and streets are marble, very slippery when wet AND everything is on a hill, better be in good walking shape to walk this city.

Gulbenkian Museum & gardens are a MUST. Barrio Alta & Chiado are the swinging areas and they go until late. Yes, I do know Fado places, but will only give them with reservations.

Lisboa is totally safe, do not be stupid, use good judgement!! ENJOY THE SUNSHINE

Until the next stop!!!


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