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My Student Days

My junior year of college we had the choice to study in Europe. My choice was definitely Paris. I was accepted at La Sorbonne studying architecture. What greater city than Paris to see buildings and how it was all planned. I was thrilled. Next problem? Where to live? I wanted to live in Saint Germain. Hip..young..great cafes..lots of things for young people to do without spending too much money. The search began.

The area near the school had many student apartments for rent. I secured a cute studio just off Blvd Saint Germain. I was thrilled. Great location and affordable price. I began exploring the area..Oh la French. i found a cute wine bar for lunch on Rue des Ecoles...they said wine tastings and food... My Dad is a big wine importer I have had lots of instruction and know what to do. Was not impressed with what the waiter said to me. He spoke to me like I was an amateur. Little did he know that I was very informed. But that was his problem..not mine.. I shocked him with my questions.

When i finished eating and having 2 different wines he suggested I go to a wine store on Blvd Saint Germain.

The next day I went to “Le Vin Qui Parle” 64 Blvd St Germain...Asked when they did wine tastings? Reply from Loic, the owner, was all day and all the time. Whow..this was different.. Loic told me that they taste 3 different wines each week and you can come any time. Full explanation in French or English..

Wines and their take on them was fantastic. Prices were very reasonable and they were vineyards I had never heard of. My Dad trained me well..I knew all the best..but not some of the “petit “ only sold in France ones. Loic was impressed that I knew so much so he asked me to come back again.

I liked the shop and the concept. They were young and very avant. I took many of my friends from school to the shop to buy wines for our special occasions.. We had many... any excuse for a party...we were young and in Paris. What could be better.

After three months of visits and bringing so many people...Loic offered me a job giving wine tastings. I was bringing a lot of clients to his shop and everyone loved the casual atmosphere. Oh My big or Wine????? I said No to the job and Yes to school...would I regret it??

I never did..My Dad had taught me wines so well that I would never loose it...but school was a learning experience...So i finished my year...loved all of my Paris experiences but most of all the faith the the owner of the wine shop had in me to offer me a job.

Now I am about to graduate and have to decide what i want to do????? My wandering curiosity wants to go back to Paris...But my reality says...continue school....OR throw caution to the wind and take a year off and explore the world. That is what life is all about. it now. do not wait...

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