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When is the best time to visit Paris? ANYTIME! the city of love is always love.

Suggest spring & fall because things are happening, Art, Theater, Street scenes, Exhibits and just sitting in a café watching the world go by. Paris is MAGIC and DO NOT be afraid to get into the middle of it. The French are VERY friendly, forget the old stories that is NOT NOW but, remember the French are proper a few things you MUST do:

-When you enter or exit a shop, always say BONJOUR and MERCI on exit, you don’t have to buy anything just good manners.

-Speak SOFTLY, a give away that you are a tourist is LOUD speech.

-NO fanny packs or back packs (ugly American signal) cross body bag is very French and add a long scarf and you will start to become French.

-Do not forget the KISS! YOU do not initiate it and it is ONLY a brush on each cheek. Men will shake hands.

If you really want to fit in, after 7pm you enter a place and say BONSOIR NOT Bonjour. Follow the lead, watch, look and listen; you will learn SO MUCH!

Metros are the BEST way to travel in the city. Easy to read, follow and people will always help you. BUY a carnet of Metro & bus ticket 10 and they never expire. Hint: LOOK HELPLESS, someone will always come to the rescue ;-)

Do not change money in the US, the charges are very high. Make sure your ATM card has at least a $500.00 daily withdrawal cap and do not get cash at airport ATM machine, wait until you get to the city and do it there. Try to find a bank that you can enter so people do not see you taking money out.

Be careful and always watch around you. Do NOT carry your passport, make a copy 2 or 3 of them and carry one. Banks do NOT have cash and do not take travelers checks. ATM is the only way to travel.

AND OF COURSE the best way to see Paris is WALKING. GET LOST, there is something new around every corner.

Enjoy the beauty of the City of Light….it is unforgettable!

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