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4 Seasons Travel, Inc.
As one of the exclusive agencies that comprise VIRTUOSO, 4 Seasons Travel provides a combination of exceptional service with stylish and luxury journeys around world.  After 30 years of experience we have become a leader in Caribbean Travel.  Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Seasons Travel staff personally visits each of the Caribbean Hotels & Resorts before they recommend them to our clients. This ensures that our offers perfectly matches each one of our client’s desires and needs.Each year our agents attend the VIRTUOSO Travel Week, where they meet every one of the providers that will serve our clients worldwide. We are proud to continue to support our agents and contribute to the efforts that will guarantee that they know the most popular, and exclusive, offerings to share with our customers.
As a renowned travel agency, we comply with the highest standards in the industry.
4 Seasons Travel is a licensed travel agency, a member of the International Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN) and  part of the International Air Transport Association (AIATA).
As travel agents, we have served regional organizations such as; the Caribbean Hotel Association, CAST (Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism) and The Caribbean Culinary Federation (CCF), for more than ten years.
4 Seasons Travel is also an active member of the San Juan Rotary Club.
It is our main goal that all of our clients return from their destinations with memorable experiences and we always strive to provide an excellent service that surpasses their expectations.
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Expert Travel Knowledge


Tailor-Made Holidays


Global Reach


100%  Money Protected

Raenette DeCicco


Raenette DeCicco, CTC, one of the most respected travel agents in the industry and the VIRTUOSO luxurious agencies, a pioneer in the travel industry of the Caribbean. She is a frequent guest on the local English language radio station WOSO in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  She also contributes with travel articles to El Nuevo Día and other publications on a regular basis.

Raenette holds the CTC professional certification, which is a designation bestowed by the Institute of Certified Travel Agents to travel professionals who have completed a rigorous two level certification program.  The CTC designation demonstrates that certified professionals have advanced knowledge of business, the tourism industry and global issues.

Raenette is constantly visiting resorts and hotels throughout the world searching for ones that provide the highest value. In addition to her expansive professional experience with Caribbean travel destinations, she has begun focusing on unique locations in Europe and Africa as well.

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“The whole trip went

without a hitch , you totally hit it just righ for us!”



- Sam R. -

“Our honeymoon was
magical, Thanks to 4 Seasons exquisite planning.”


- Sara D. -

“Thanks 4 Seasons!

We loved every second & would go back there in a heartbeat.”


- Laura G. -

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